The official seal of Dong's School.
The official seal of Dong's School.

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Wilson, NC -

Grand Master Dong on the cover of Tae Kwon Do Times: July 1989

How is Grandmaster Dong's School Different?

The main distinction between Dong's School and other schools lies in the experience, skill, wisdom, knowledge, vision, and caring of Grand Master Dong. Grand Master Dong is considered to be a pioneer of martial arts in the USA. Grand Master Dong's school offer's a program which combines over 45 years of Western martial arts experience with over 45 years of Eastern martial arts mastery. We are the only school in the area with access to a three time 9th degree black belt. This ensures the quality and authenticity of our program. Master Instructor Matt Mercer continues to learn and train for constant improvement in skill and knowledge under the guidance of Grand Master Dong. This way our school can continue to offer the highest quality classes available.

Our system's foundation is based on the principle of Um and Yang. This harmony of softness and hardness, or physical and mental aspects, provides the proper balance for modern day practical applications. Students who train at Dong's School will develop practical, effective self-defense skill, peace of mind, confidence, self-discipline and control, as well as overall fitness and health in the body. This helps them become more successful at work, school, home, or any other aspect of life to which they apply these principles.

Grand Master Dong holds a 9th degree Black Belt in Kum Do (Korean Sword) as Well.
Instructors at Dong's School take personal interest in each students progress in class.

Why Choose Dong's Martial Arts School?

Master Mercer has weekly personal contact with Grand Master Dong who has guided over 7500 students to the black belt level. Master Mercer passes on the knowledge of Grandmaster Dong's teaching which espouses the traditional Korean martial arts values of discipline and respect and combines these with practical, real-world training. Our school strives to provide a safe, fun, and family-oriented atmosphere. Our goal is to provide the highest quality martial arts training in order to benefit every student. The instructors at Dong's School are completely committed and truly care about each student and their individual progress in the martial arts. The Dong's Martial Arts School curriculum can benefit anyone willing to learn.

Is Martial Arts Training Beneficial for Children?

Dong's Martial Arts School prides itself on teaching the younger student. Raising a child in today's world is not easy, but martial arts training for your child can be a great help for the parent. We teach self-discipline, respect for others (especially parents) and encourage academic achievement at your child's regular school. Martial arts training can be an excellent complement to both your child's education and general development. Not only will your child be getting quality physical exercise, he or she will learn the joys of achievement and the satisfaction of self-esteem. Besides the personal guidance of Master Mercer and assistants, your child will have access to Grand Master Dong's system. This assures that your child will have thorough quality classes using the safest training methods possible.

Children learn success skills that can carry with them throughout their lives.
At Dong's School, we have students of all ages involved

Who Else can Benefit from Training?

Our school specializes in teaching traditional martial arts to students of all ages. Our school is a family style environment. Our goal is to provide the highest quality martial arts training in order to benefit each student in the many different aspects of their lives. Regardless of whether you are looking to learn self defense, lose weight, build endurance, develop discipline and confidence, or simply to change to a healthier lifestyle, our school has something to offer you. Dong's Martial Arts training system has been proven to benefit anyone who is willing learn. You do not have to be young, flexible or even in good physical shape, all that will come in time.

What programs are offered at Dong's School?

We are a full-time martial arts facility offering classes 6 days a week. We have classes to meet the needs of anyone, regardless of age or experience level. Please contact us for information on our current class schedule.
    • Little Tigers Program (ages 4&5 years)
    • Children's Program (ages 6-15 years)
    • Adult's Program (ages 16 and up)
    • Family Program (ages 6 and up)

Our 5 School Values:

~ Honesty ~
To always be honest with yourself and others.

~ Humility ~
To remain humble, even as we reach advanced levels.

~ Patience ~
To always be patient with yourself and others.

~ Diligence ~
To practice diligently, always in pursuit of improvement.

~ Sincerity ~
To always be sincere in your words and actions.

Our Philosophy:

Good thinking makes good actions,

Good actions make good habits,

Good habits make good character,

Good character makes good destiny.

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