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Wilson, NC -

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Our daughter Mindy enrolled at Dong's Martial Arts School in 1996. The experience has been very positive. Martial arts training has helped Mindy stay physically fit. She has become very disciplined and has developed strong self-defense skills. We feel like this gives her a great advantage in life. Thank you Dong's Martial Arts School.

Terri & Linwood Smith, Wilson NC.

"Over these few short months Tae Kwon Do has benefited me more than any sport I have ever played. I am more confident in myself. My strength and agility are better than they have ever been, but more importantly, I have more patience with my siblings, myself, and others around me. I understand now more than ever that practice and patience walk hand in hand."


"Tae Kwon Do is more than just learning self defense. It is art. You can be creative and you improve as you go along. It has the beauty of a drawing or painting. It is just expressed through the body."


"I wanted to let you know that I have made a lot of improvements in my daily life since joining the school. I have become more patient with things like my school work and my homework. I also have been able to concentrate more on one thing and not get distracted so easily. One of my goals is to be a black belt and receive so much knowledge that my head will burst! I also want to try to be with Dong's School of Martial Arts forever because I love the school, my instructor, and the kids that I take class with."


"These past few months have been crazy for my family. Summertime, vacation, and changing jobs has caused stress that has limited my time at the school. When I'm not there practicing has been my goal. It's not the same as the support of the Tae Kwon Do family. I enjoy class and seeing familiar faces. Tae Kwon Do is and will always be a special family."


"I learned to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you believe in yourself you can do anything. If I put forth my best effort then I will succeed. That applies to math and writing. I will try to always do my best at anything in my life. I will try to tell others about Dong's Martial Arts."


"The improvements that I have made since I started taking classes are that I have gained respect for my parents, teachers, and peers. I have also improved my physical health quite a bit. My short term goal is to reach purple belt and my long term goal is to reach black belt. One way I can show my family appreciation is to that I will do what my mom asks me when she asks me. I would gladly recommend Dong's Martial Arts School to any of my friends. I will use what I learn to defend myself only if there is no other option. I will not go and pick fights with people just because I know martial arts.


"As in the beginning and even now I am still learning new thing and receiving insight into doing better the things I have learned in the past. I feel just like a kid who has been peeping into a room and has been given the chance to go in. As the door opens, you walk into to another world."


"My main improvement from my last test has been that I am more confident and a little less hesitant in my movements and training. I also feel that my endurance has increased during the past few months.

My short term goal is to make purple belt by my one year anniversary which will be in August. I would like to join the advanced level class. My long term goal is to make black belt and to continue training from there.

I will show appreciation to my family by spending time with them in class and continuing to encourage their development both inside and outside martial arts. I will show appreciation to my instructor by continuing to attend class on time and showing respect at all times and also by training as hard as I am capable of.

I will use what I have learned to encourage others to strive for their goals and also I will lead by example by learning with humility and honor."


"Over the last few months, I have increased flexibility and my awareness of both mental and physical training required in order to be a skilled martial artist. I have started sparring on Tuesday nights which has helped my confidence in a faster pace scenario. I have continued to hone my basic skills as the foundation for my training.

My short term goals are to start learning the requirements for green belt and to encourage my son to stay motivated throughout the summer months. I also want to start spending time meditating to help me relax and increase focus. Long term, I plan to work with my son as we progress towards the black belt level. I believe my son is really gaining confidence and discipline through the martial arts so I want to encourage him as much as possible.

I sincerely appreciate the time you spend with my son and I teaching us the skills we need in order to grow in the martial arts. I think you do a wonderful job with all age groups and I encourage other who are interested in the martial arts, either for themselves or their children, to try our school."


"I would like to say thank you to my instructor Matt Mercer and to Grand Master Dong. Through the training and education you have supplied, I finally found a release for the extremely hectic lifestyle in which I live.

My training in the martial arts has given me focus, control, release, and anger management that has greatly affected myself and others around me. Prior to starting martial arts I decided to make several changes in my lifestyle in hopes of bettering myself and my life. Martial arts has not only reinforced those changes but it has added a few more.

I look forward to the natural progression through the ranks of the color belts, but more importantly I look forward to the life changing values that the martial arts has yet to offer me."


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